Technological innovation

Let art ceramics come into you and me
Let Art Ceramics Change LifeStyle

Nowadays, with the rapid development of industrialisation, the architecture and decoration is only showing a cold and lifeless face, cannot melt with the natural environment that people desired, while the artistic ceramic murals arise, make up for the imagination to the nature, present the nature in the form of murals by musing the technological design into the artistic ceramic, bringing architecture back to art, that is people really expected.

Public space decoration with ceramic murals
In the decoration of public space, the functions of protecting and beautifying the wall should be considered, on one side, to improve the wall’s ability to resist erosion and damage (such as dust, rain and snow, freezing, sunlight, etc.), on the other side, to satisfy the functional requirements of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, beautification.
Artistic ceramics have advantages in application in public space
Artistic ceramics have advantages in application in public space, such as hardness, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, strong chemical stability, etc. can be made into artistic murals that can resist wind, rain, sun exposure and humid air, maintaining the original colour of the picture for a long time without fading. The artistic ceramics are featured as follows:

High temperature calcination

The artistic ceramics are featured as follows: corrosion resistance and strong oxidation resistance-artistic ceramic murals fired at 1200℃ have far better performance than metal murals such as iron and copper, will not produce rust, aging and deterioration with the ability to resist acid, alkali and salt. Thermal stability, frost resistance-art ceramics belong to high-temperature ceramic murals with strong thermal stability and frost resistance.

High-strength sheet

The thickness of artistic ceramics is only 4mm, the maximum size of a single frame can reach 1,000 * 2,400 mm and realize perfect seamless splicing, forming a huge and shocking picture effect.

Perfect Oversized

Large-1000 mm*2400mm, ultra-large and extremely beautiful: artistic ceramics are of ultra-large size, with infinite and complete pictures, aiming at creating an extremely beautiful and visually striking feast for you. Parallelism and perpendicularity are less than 3mm, ranking the forefront of science and technology in the field of artistic thin plates, free of cutting losses and minimizing errors.

Negative oxygen technology

Eco-environmental protection-the current decorative materials contain some harmful substances formaldehyde more or less, like formaldehyde, V, styrene. Living in such an environment for a long time will have a serious impact on people’s health.


Clarity can reach 600dpi, full-colour reproduction, showing excellent picture quality. High-temperature calcination: it makes scientific and efficient firing curve, realize high temperature 1200℃ short cycle firing, adopt continuous roller kiln natural gas firing design, making the product quality reach the best.