Background wall of hotel front desk

As the front desk is the facade of the hotel, the design style of it often determines the hotel’s style. How can we leave a deep first impression on the guests in the transitional area of the front desk? Besides the quality of the hotel, I think the most important thing is creativity. When you see the exquisite front desk of the hotel, does it attract you to visit?

The background wall can play the function of sound absorption, decoration and sound insulation, as well as the functions of dividing and increasing atmosphere. The hotel background wall, as a means of decoration, should be elegant and stylish with its own style and charm. In the hotel design, the background wall has become the “focus”. I believe the various background walls of star hotels will show you totally different visual feelings!

High-speed rail and subway stations

With the rapid development of cities, airports and subways have become the preferred means of travelling. However, the design of airports, subways and broadly public spaces may stress different styles with artistic atmosphere according to the local cultural characteristics in the areas with different styles of folk culture, and add more artistic charm to these landmark buildings. Artistic ceramic products are widely used in the public spaces like subway murals, terminal buildings, high-speed railway station, square murals, parliament halls, exhibition halls, hotels and offices. It satisfies the higher spiritual needs of consumers by its unique characteristics of green and environmental protection, super definition, classic heritage, leading the future, etc; artistic ceramic mural have become the preferred wall decoration of designers for its advantages of clear pictures, startling beauty, fast color, easy cleaning. As a result, works of art that beyond reach become visible and blank walls become colorful and vivid. As an integrated organization of artistic ceramics and decorative paintings, artistic ceramics enable more people eager to appreciate art to contact artistic ceramics and pass on the true nature of art, the aesthetic feeling of appreciation and communication to more people! Allow artistic ceramics to change the taste of life!

Ceramic art mural

Art ceramic mural, best business card painted on urban skin. Art ceramics give life to icy buildings. Art ceramics bring architecture back to art. A castle without oil paintings can hardly be called a luxurious and elegant study without Danqing. Really good space art can trigger the resonance of the soul. However, since when the reinforced concrete replaced the civil, bamboo, and stone high-rise buildings, the same formwork feelings have been given to give way to the practical and similar decoration. The eyes are slowly slowing down, but people’s aesthetics are slow. Can there be such a product that can communicate with the mind, can make design and technology merge, and return architecture to art, art, ceramics, and architecture have never been more artistic!


Although Buddha statues can be seen in many hallway works, in fact, the hallway originated from the unique terminology of Taoist cultivation in China, which was originally derived from the Tao Te Ching: the mystery of mysteries, the doors of perception. As the first scenery in and out of the house, the layout of the hallway should not be underestimated. It is not only a place to leave a preliminary impression on guests but also shows the host’s interest and taste in life. To embody the design in every inch of space, enable even a space of 1㎡to present personalized creativity, the following carefully arranged hallway may enhance your home temperament!

Living room

The sofa background wall occupies a very attractive position in the living room, reminding that the creation of a neat, clean, warm and comfortable living room atmosphere is not enough to demonstrate the taste of life, nor to  consider that pursuing the perfection of the sofa background wall is an illusory fantasy. In fact, a background wall full of artistic air can not only bring highly appreciative visual effects, but also offer the spiritual pleasure. A large painting hanging on the wall behind the sofa in the living room can truly integrate art into life and make the overall space less boring. In addition, an artistic painting directly demonstrates the owner’s aesthetic interest and taste. The contents of artistic ceramic pictures can be completely customized by individuals, the picture quality, restored at a ratio of 1: 1, is as high as very close to the works of art from the point of view of appreciation, but the price is much cheaper. More importantly, if you can draw pictures, or which photography works do you like, or if you want to make your wedding photos into decorative pictures, artistic ceramics can satisfy you. This is called the personal tailor of the present era, which makes your decorative pictures unique.

Large ceramic murals

In the field of large-scale ceramic murals, the thickness of traditional porcelain plate paintings is generally more than 1cm, and it is difficult to complete products with large pictures for some limitations, only allow mounting display in the form of hanging pictures. The thickness of artistic ceramics is only 4mm, the maximum size of a single frame can reach 1,000 * 2,400 mm and realize perfect seamless splicing, forming a huge and shocking picture effect.

The products of art ceramics include original murals, copy murals of celebrity masterpieces, murals created in cooperation with artists, and also the household conventional hanging paintings, background walls, etc., continue to be upgraded and innovated, each piece of carefully made art porcelain plate painting represents the efforts to make art ceramics enter thousands of households.

Buddhist art ceramic mural